Melbourne has been basking in a typically indecisive spring, which can’t decide whether to send glorious sunshine or miserable grey wet weather. I actually kind of like the difference and the fact that not every day is the same. However, it is a bit cruel that the weather has been so glorious during the week and then miserable on the weekend.
Sunday was a lovely day though, and warm. Today we’re back to the wet, showing just how fickle a Melbourne spring is.
This radar image (screenshot from The Bureau of Meterology) is from Saturday morning, proving that Saturday was not a beach day.
Picture 3

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we’ve got you surrounded

My friends have released a music video!

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job hunting

I have just submitted my first ever job application online. I have had different paid jobs and temporary jobs- Most recently as a kitchen hand at Wholefoods, and as an election official at the various state and federal elections.

It’s quite hard to motivate myself- I find it discouraging when you finally find a job in the right area and for whatever reason you aren’t a valid candidate. Then writing a cover letter is a bit of a chore. (Hopefully with this first one down I have a bit of a template to work with.)

It would be nice if this blog brought in a good income, but obviously I don’t write enough for this to be a high traffic website.

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so it’s been ages since I’ve blogged properly. I guess it is because of my own laziness- I find I prefer to consume content rather than put the effort into creating content- even though the buzz of satisfaction lasts longer when I have the accomplishment of creating something.

The brain can be addicted to information and teamed up with procrastination- that is, the avoidance of an unpleasant task (such as university assignments) I found that I was spending lots and lots of time just reading random stuff on the internet.

Blogging is also less attractive when it’s just another version of an essay- read and research, write, edit, submit. With real life obligations as well, any time I had for ‘fun’ was spent just surfing.

So, hopefully I can achieve some creativity and write, and publish.

My life has changed a bit- I’ve now finished a double degree of Arts and Computer Science, after six long years! (4.5 actually studying). I went to Canada for three weeks. I am now currently in the process of job searching and applying to do a Graduate Diploma of Education.

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firefox quitting without asking to save tabs

So, for some reason, some bright spark decided to remove the “warn on quit” default from firefox. As you can probably tell, I think this is a bad idea, because I often accidentally click command-Q instead of command-W (swap ctrl for command, PC users). If firefox would warn you, you could save tabs you had open or cancel the quit.

Here’s how to fix it: with this add on called ‘always ask’:

Here’s how you used to fix it.

You should find that you are now prompted about whether you actually want to quit, which might save you from any fat-finger moments!

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music I study to

This is what I listen to when I’m trying to be productive and study. It needs to have some oomph and rhythm, and yet not be too repetitive, annoying, or stressful.

Here’s a playlist I’ve imaginatively titled: “study no lyrics” – the track name is in bold, artist in italics, album in normal text.

American Wake (The Nova Scotia Set) Riverdance (Music From the Show)

The Butterfly Celtic Woman Celtic Woman

Celebration Michael Kieran Harvey In the Time of Sakura – the Piano Music of Mike Nock

Cerro Negro Fiesta Fiesta Downloaded Jazz

Classical Gas Mason Williams Music – 1968-1971

The Harvest Riverdance (Music From the Show)

I am the Doctor Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales Doctor Who: Series 5 (Soundtrack from the TV Series)

Last Of The Mohicans (Last Of The Mohicans) Musica Paradiso The Very Best of Cinema & TV Classics

Minor Swing Rachel Portman Django Reinhardt & St├ęphane Grappelli Chocolat – (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Music for a Found Harmonium Penguin Cafe Orchestra Preludes, Airs & Yodels

Music for a Found Harmonium West Australian Symphony Orchestra & Benjamin Northey Simon Jeffes Just Classics 2: The Gold Collection

Party Preparations Rachel Portman Chocolat – (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Pride and Prejudice Carl Davis & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Carl Davis: The World At War, Pride and Prejudice, and Other Great Themes

Reel Around the Sun David Spillane, Des Moore, Des Reynolds, Eoghan O’Neill, Kenneth Edge, Maire Breatnach, Mairtin O’Connor, Nikola Parov, Noel Eccles & Tommy Hayes Riverdance (Music From the Show)

Spanish Flea Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass

Star Wars Overture (Credits) Johannes Schwartz Sr. & South Pacific Symphony John Williams Sci-Fi Classical

Tsar Saltan: The Flight of the Bumble-Bee Queensland Symphony Orchestra & Vladimir Verbitsky Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Cardio Classics – Orchestral Workout!

Vianne Sets Up Shop Rachel Portman Chocolat – (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

William Tell: Overture (excerpt) The Tasmanian Symphony & Ola Rudner Gioachino Rossini Cardio Classics – Orchestral Workout!

I also listen to the Cardio Classics – Orchestral Workout! album; items by Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach; The Hallelujah chorus in full; The Sound of Music Sound track (yes really.) and when things get really bad, “The Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor (from the Rocky album). Also a “yes, really”. Unlike Sound of Music, which I’ve seen 20+ times, I haven’t ever seen a Rocky film.

What do you study to? Do you have similar tastes or am I just really weird? :)

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my super productive day!

I had a really productive day today! It involved arriving at uni at 9am. I don’t have any classes until 1:00, but I’m being nice and showing someone around the train/bus network to uni, so here I am, at uni, at 9am.

So, I informed my work about the responses to the roster that I received over the weekend, including some rescheduling to cover a shift that someone couldn’t make.

Then I sat in the sun on a rock near the mini-lake for a while and read, but just about got blown away so moved into the library.

I then read and took notes and read and read. At 11, it was time for a break.

Feeling hungry, I went outside and ate a bit of my lunch, enjoyed the sunshine and being barefoot on the grass. Then I went back inside and worked on my Environmental Hazards essay, and also looked at my System Tools class.

At 12:20 or so I wandered out to be nearer to my 1PM lecture and ate my lunch on a different lawn and sorted out when things are due and made a chronological list so I don’t forget things through not flicking through my diary. This made me feel much less stressed about my assignments.

Then I moved to an even closer piece of grass to the lecture theatre and checked my email. Then I had a lecture, got frustrated at my classmates packing up at 10 minutes to the hour (instead of the standard 5 minutes).

Then I managed to FINALLY get on to Centrelink and talked to a friendly and helpful person.

I also finished off a small assignment.

One more lecture down, then I transferred some composting material to the permaculture garden. I then responded to an important email whilst waiting for my Dad. We caught the express bus, and I managed to read one more chapter of the book (for Spanish.)

Helped cook dinner.

At this point my brain switched off. But hey, here I am blogging, another thing to tick on the productive list!

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A return to blogging

I’ve been neglecting this blog of late, mostly for good reasons, such as Christmas, New Year, family weddings and holidays, but partly because of laziness. I really enjoy writing, there is something special about forming ideas into words and sharing them with others. I also like typing- the act of using both hands and both sides of the brain to communicate makes me feel more awake and alive, and my creative hemisphere gets a chance to come out and play, the rational side often takes over and the creative side sometimes feels like it is just coming along for the ride.

Anyway, I have started another blog- not in competition to Creative Hedgehog but rather to provide a focussed place for me to plan out a novel that I will hopefully write this November during NaNoWriMo. That blog is called “Writing sunken forest” and it’s a free account:

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up the blogging.

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icecream cone… without the cone.

[ Nestle Choc Shock ice cream box ]
We tried out the Special Edition Choc Shock Nestle Peters Drumstick. First, a quick review:
It has a layer of chocolate ice cream, white chocolate sprinkles and white chocolate instead of the regular chocolate (also at the bottom of the cone.) The cone is also chocolate flavour. This is all good, but the chocolate ice cream soon gives way to a white ice cream: not the traditional vanilla but a strange coconut flavour. That WAS a shock! A shame really, because I feel the traditional vanilla would be nicer. (Or the chocolate from the top)

However, an even bigger shock was in store for us!

One of the cones in the pack was lacking a cone! No cone at all. (note, the comparison cone has already been eaten a bit in this photo, however it was normal when unwrapped.)
[ Nestle Choc Shock, lacking cone ]

and the same photo, just rotating so you can see the wrapper.
[ Nestle Choc Shock ice cream - wrapper shot ]

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this is cool: mind control wheel chair

Mind Controlled Wheel Chair aims to make life easier for disabled [the age]

You get hooked into this wheel chair through what I assume would be an electrode cap. (There are 80 electrodes). However, the technology isn’t advanced enough to pick up you thinking: “left, forward, right, stop” because this is all the same part of your brain! Instead you think of different activities or actions in order for the different parts of your brain to light up.

To go forward, you simply need to think of a dice moving forward. If you want to go left, you compose a letter. If you want to go right, you think of solving a maths problem, and if you want to stop, you close your eyes.

Closing eyes has the potential for awkwardness though: how do you know that it is safe to cross if you are stopped at a busy road if your eyes are closed? Or does the eye close act like a switch, not a brake?

This reminds me of Scott Adam’s recent-ish blog posts about activating all parts of your brain through prose. Prose Explanation (read the prose paragraph first).

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