Why creativehedgehog?

It’s a pretty strange website name. I don’t remember why exactly I chose it- I know I like hedgehogs, and they are fun to draw. I’m also a creative person, and that is expressed in varied and different ways. This blog is an obvious outlet for my love of writing. I’m a teacher in training- this is where I share my creative ideas for class control and learning. I also dabble in photography- you can see some of my photos hosted at my flickr account. (You can view them without having to sign up.) I am a bit of a computer geek and DIY-er; this requires creativity and a sense of humour. Travel, sport, coffee, food, culture, university life, and many other things are also talked about on this website.

In short, this the blog of my life. It has many different topics, but they are summed up under the title: “Creative Hedgehog”. I hope you enjoy reading it- please leave a comment or more if you like- I appreciate them very much. While this is my website, feel free to make suggestions on what I should write about through the skribit widget in the side bar on the right.

About me, the person behind creativehedgehog.com:

My name is Alison, and I teach at a high school in rural Victoria. My internet pseudonym is titanium_geek, or just titanium. (Also known as titanium_hiker or even titanium_hammock.) This name comes from my medical hardware- two titanium rods helped straighten my spine (I had scoliosis). (I like my internet privacy- hence no last name here.) I like to travel- I’ve been to 5/7 continents, and many more airports. This is probably because I grew up in Bolivia as an MK (missionary kid) and TCK (Third Culture Kid). My passport country is Australia.

Where you can find me online?