Rhizomic Hypertext: an essay

This is my final essay for Introduction Critical Theory, and I really enjoyed writing it. I thought I might share it with you, in case you’re interested in it.

The essay deals with hypertext and the rhizome, based on the ideas found in essays by Stuart Moulthrop and Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. As both these articles where written before the WWW took off, I have a look at how these concepts apply to the internet we know and love today, including Youtube and Facebook. I also got to mention Rick-Rolls in my essay. :)

You can get my essay in PDF format or in HTML.

This essay is Copyright to me. Please don’t steal it and turn it in as if it is your essay. However, feel free to use me as a source if you find it useful. I don’t like publishing my full name online, so contact me for the appropriate Bibliography information.

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