FIT2001 week 13: think before you code

This lecture was a bit different to the other lectures I’ve listened to so far: I was in Clayton, watching POD in real time and in real life, no UStream, no 1.7x speed podcast recording! The lecture also was a bit shorter than usual being a revision lecture.

POD spent some time going over the fundamental “vibe” of the unit to give us some input in where our degrees are taking us, and where our heads should be in approaching the exam. IT is an arrogant industry- it is true that we know more than the business when it comes to some things, but it’s really important to not portray that too much and approach designing their system understanding their mindset and perspective. We break big problems into small ones and solve them. This is the age of Information Technology, so we are learning about the systems that RUN THE WORLD. This is pretty mind blowing.

Anyway, on with what will be on the exam.
The exam is in three parts:

The useful things to look at for exam preparation are the weekly moodle quizzes, the questions in the textbook (which may be oddly familiar when sitting the exam) and the unit objectives at the beginning of each lecture.

The marks indicate how much time to spend on a question. 1 case study = 4 questions = approximately 18 minutes. Use Case: try and memorise the use-case narrative, but the vibe is more important, don’t freak out too much! Make sure you draw the use-case that is asked for in the question. The SSD will be the first cut of that use case. Will need to know a Domain class model.

POD then went over how to take an exam. This is always good to go over before starting an exam period.

The Tutorial
Only four people showed up to the tutorial, which meant I was able to ask lots of questions about my assignment and what I could improve for the exam. I’m a little concerned as to what my assignment mark will be and of course I should have asked these questions BEFORE I turned in the assignment. I just have to wait for my assignment mark (come on tutors!) and chill. We also looked briefly at implementation.

The Quiz
This was also a different way to take the Quiz, it was a revision quiz and I also took it after listening to the lecture. I did well, only failing when I double guessed myself and chose “None of the Above” for one question. I’m going to re-take all the quizzes to see where my gaps of knowledge are.

The Blog!
This is my last (maybe!) blog post for FIT2001, I was intrigued at the beginning of the unit about the blog. I am a blogger and blog for fun, and these posts gave me something to blog about again. I noticed that a lot of people didn’t keep blogging after week 6, I suppose assignments do get in the way of something that is only worth 3%. What I really like about this system is that it forces me to summarise my notes. I’ve seen in past units that if I summarise the notes pretty soon after the lecture, adding keywords and fleshing out the notes, I do really well at the exam/test. I think it’s something about telling your brain that you’re serious about laying down those electronic pathways. I wish all subjects had a 3% incentive which would “force” me to summarise my notes each week. Or I could just up my motivation.

All the best for exam revision students, and teachers: all the best with marking!

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  1. Anon on June 9th, 2010 11:00 pm

    Can I just say that you are an AMAZING blogger and I will be looking over your ramblings as I study for this unit. Brilliant :)

  2. Alison on June 9th, 2010 11:50 pm

    hey thanks Anon, the warm fuzzies are definitely a help as I study. Hope you go well! :)

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