a draw!

Today, the Australian Football League Grand Final was played. It ended in a draw. This means they have to come back next week and play the final again, because the AFL Grand Final doesn’t have extra time.

I was cheering for the St Kilda Saints purely because they’ve been the longer waiting for a flag than the Collingwood Magpies. (I don’t go for either team.) However as the last minutes ticked down I started to cheer for a draw. There is an incredible feeling as the reality sunk in that we have to do this all again next week. There is a certain wicked laugh that I get when I see all the fans from both sides on the TV with shocked expressions on their faces.

No, I don’t think that the grand final should be decided on the day if it is a tie. It’s a rare occurrence, this one being the third ever with the last happening in 1977, before any of the current Collingwood and St Kilda players were born. So it doesn’t mess with our calendars too often. It’s too delicious a feeling to get rid of, and I feel sort of special that a tie has happened in my life time.

Somebody better win next week though.

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3 men, 3 legs 3 hands and a boat

I always feel slightly ashamed when I see the accomplishments of disabled people, as I see something as too hard and don’t do it, where as they see something as hard, and deliberately set out to conquer it, even though they are less able bodied than me.

There is something inspiring about their courage though, which is why I liked this audio slide-show [bbc] about 3 men, with 3 legs and 3 hands between them, sailing in a tough ocean race from Norway to Scotland. (I also liked it because it is about sailing.) Check it out, then come back here to tell us what you think.

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State Youth Games

This weekend, I drove up to Warragul. It was to join our team of MASH competing in a variety of sports at the State Youth Games, which is where a bunch of church youth groups come together to camp at Lardner Park, in the freezing cold of the Queens Birthday weekend. Yes, we may be insane, but what is fun if it doesn’t include a little craziness?

I arrived in time for lunch and then the afternoon session. I cheered on our pool volleyball team (it’s nice and warm in the swimming centre!) and got to ref a match. That evening we had spaghetti, and I went to part of the rally (note to self- bring ear buds next time), sat around the camp fire, and went to “the village” to do a bit of dancing. The next day I coordinated the men’s under 18’s tennis, and after lunch I had a shower (oh YAY!) and cheered on the under 18 ultimate Frisbee. Back at camp a few of us went to see the aerobics, and after a nice roast dinner, we went to the rally. The speaker was really good. A party at our camp site, more camp fire watching, and bed.

I woke up that night to a strange sound- a strange sound in the drought. RAIN! “oh no…” I thought. “my rain coat is in the car.” I managed to borrow a coat and wasn’t soaked as I packed up. The drive back was fantastic, my little car easily getting up to the speed limit.

In fact, my car was probably the best part of the weekend. I could live out of my boot, not my bag. (No no, not footwear, the storage part of the car!) It was so nice to be independently mobile. And travelling along the freeway at high (but legal) speeds is just fun.

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FIFA bans high altitude football

FIFA has banned international soccer matches at altitudes of more than 8,000 feet. Personally, I feel that playing at tough stadiums is part of Latin American soccer. This ban will be interesting for Bolivia, as its major stadium is way above the altitude limit, there is only one other major stadium in Bolivia that is below the ban.

You can read the basic news article, a columnist’s opinion, about the Bolivian protest and the public’s comments. An interesting contrast is this article on the world’s highest football match.

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accidents in office

President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, broke his nose playing futbol- he was fouled by the goalie. The funniest part is this quote-

“In the game’s 32nd minute, with the score tied 2-2, the local team’s goalkeeper committed a foul against the President of the Republic that produced the injury to his nose,” a statement from the president’s office said.

Footballing president breaks nose [bbc]

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the lengths you’ll go for a football game

quoted in full from the ABC

Cup fans lose trousers over sponsor row

Up to 1,000 Netherlands fans had to watch yesterday’s World Cup win over Cote d’Ivoire in their underpants because of a sponsorship row, soccer’s governing world body FIFA has confirmed.

A FIFA spokesman said the fans arrived at the stadium wearing trousers in their team’s traditional orange and branded with the name of a Dutch brewery.

But the fans were denied entry because the American company which makes Budweiser beer had bought the exclusive rights to promote their brand in the stadium.

The fans duly removed their trousers and watched the match in their underpants.

A bit silly…

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painful realization

If you are an Australian, you are probably pretty aware that Australia are in the World Cup! (finally.) Anyway, they are in group F- which means they play against Japan, Brazil and Croatia to see which two teams get to go through to the next round.

There is a problem though- the World Cup is being hosted by Germany. This means that all the games are at weird times, like 1AM or 4AM or even 10:30PM!

I have already slept through most of the Australia/Japan game, but I can handle the late nights, that was an exception. There is one MAJOR problem though-

I have an exam on the 19th. EARLY on the 19th. Brazil plays Australia- it is being screened 2AM the 19th.


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robo cup

Robot soccer World Cup kicks off [BBC news]

As well as being a lot of fun, the robo cup has a more intellectual side to it as well: soccer is more of a stretch for Artificial Intelligence (AI) than chess does.

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extreme ironing

Extreme Ironing

Welcome to the home of extreme ironing – the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.

Pretty random, but fun- a good timewaster. Check out the galleries- there are some pretty good pictures there.

One wonders about the practicalities of ironing without a powerpoint nearby.

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snowboarding gear

[the age] Snow sports set for upgrade

Protective helmets now sport cozy ear pads with speakers connected to your digital music player. Durable wristwatches can count your calories and measure your rate of descent. And easy-to-use helmet-fixed camcorders can capture every twist and turn of your best run – or tumble.

Some pretty cool stuff, but unfortunatly no pictures. Kind of strange since Melbourne (Australia) just hit record high temperatures for the month of December- which is summer, remember.

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