the beautiful things I saw today

I had a wonderful day today. This morning I was almost awake when the alarm went off, so didn’t have any trouble getting out of bed. As I left the house I saw the beautiful black sky dotted with twinkling white stars above me. As I drove the orange glow in the east began and grew stronger. Driving into the university I looked across the sports fields to see the amazingly orange clouds preparing to welcome the sun. I parked the car, and looked back to see the sun rise over the horizon. Beautiful! It was joining the lovely moon, which I had seen calmly glowing a magnificent white pitted with the grey shadows of craters.

During the day I enjoyed the wonderful colour that is sky blue. Driving home again, I was stuck in traffic, crawling up Springvale road for at least half an hour. This didn’t matter though, as I was able to listen to great classical music on Classic Drive (Classic FM). As I turned up High Street Road, I noticed a half of a rainbow in the clouds. As I drove on it got better! The colours became more intense and the arc was completely from side of the road to the other. I saw it touch the ground. Then I drove underneath the rainbow, right through the middle, and it disappeared. Looking back through the rain shower I had just come through, I saw the a lovely golden glow of the sun shining through. I really liked the clouds, fluffy yet majestic. The sky was tickled briefly pink, then the gold faded to a beautiful velvet, and I saw the first stars come out.

Yes, I had a good day today.

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paper blogged poetry

This blog post was originally written on paper, and since I’ve been cleaning up (to move out) I found it, so here you go, some poetry from a few months ago.

caffeine fueled poetry
I’m awake.
lying in my bed, cannot sleep.
tunes bopping in my ears,
this old pencil and index card won’t let me down
scrawling in the half light
brain still buzzing
it’s caffeine
and it’s fun.

Lack of Sleep
insomnia is a harsh word.
it means that my world is reduced to this pool of light
for my eyes resist the silence of the night
I lie here in my bed
and my mind takes flight.

my body decides
this hole it made, doesn’t want
so I roll over
tends to unleash
and turn on
the (bad) poetry tap
in my mind
so it flows

Thoughts? As always, comments are very welcome, and so are suggestions of what to write about via the skribit widget!

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a sonnet

Hey! I have decided to go insane
dancing down the escalators is fun
the complete freedom, far roaming: my brain
searching seeking, chasing after the sun
the golden glow laughs, plays: entices me
my quest to explore, discover, soak in
what does it matter when people can’t see
happy pursuit, a display of daft grin

poetic rebel, individual hue
dazzling orange used to be yellow-red
confident, own agenda to pursue
belongs to neither but both, mixed instead

the thoughtful bliss of my insanity
it defines my orange identity

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