Writing professionally

I’ve just done it- I’ve started a professional blog. Since I don’t want to link that (linked to my real world identity) blog to this (personal) one, I won’t mention what it’s called or link between them. I’m a bit excited about it- I feel inspired to start writing properly again. Maybe it’s just holiday relaxation.

I spent a bit of time thinking about what audience I should be writing for and what I should include. I’m a teacher, but the nitty-gritty of my work will stay here, and the professional learning will have a focus over there. I’m also considering sharing the blog with my students, so that brings in new considerations!

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like smartypants, but with pins.

Do you like trivia? Do you like geography? Then you’ll like smartypins a google maps game that asks you to identify various places on the map. You start out with 1000km, and kilometres are deducted based on how far off your answer is. I like it.

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I’m a teacher!

So I’ve turned in my last assignment (hurrah!) for my Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) and results come out on the 3rd of December.

I have got a job as an English teacher in a rural town, which is really exciting! I’m thinking I need to fire up the blogging again to help with my processing and professional learning, and also to document the adventure of moving out of home and having a real grown up job for the first time.

I’m excited. This is going to be good.

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we’ve got you surrounded

My friends have released a music video!

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job hunting

I have just submitted my first ever job application online. I have had different paid jobs and temporary jobs- Most recently as a kitchen hand at Wholefoods, and as an election official at the various state and federal elections.

It’s quite hard to motivate myself- I find it discouraging when you finally find a job in the right area and for whatever reason you aren’t a valid candidate. Then writing a cover letter is a bit of a chore. (Hopefully with this first one down I have a bit of a template to work with.)

It would be nice if this blog brought in a good income, but obviously I don’t write enough for this to be a high traffic website.

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so it’s been ages since I’ve blogged properly. I guess it is because of my own laziness- I find I prefer to consume content rather than put the effort into creating content- even though the buzz of satisfaction lasts longer when I have the accomplishment of creating something.

The brain can be addicted to information and teamed up with procrastination- that is, the avoidance of an unpleasant task (such as university assignments) I found that I was spending lots and lots of time just reading random stuff on the internet.

Blogging is also less attractive when it’s just another version of an essay- read and research, write, edit, submit. With real life obligations as well, any time I had for ‘fun’ was spent just surfing.

So, hopefully I can achieve some creativity and write, and publish.

My life has changed a bit- I’ve now finished a double degree of Arts and Computer Science, after six long years! (4.5 actually studying). I went to Canada for three weeks. I am now currently in the process of job searching and applying to do a Graduate Diploma of Education.

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this is cool: mind control wheel chair

Mind Controlled Wheel Chair aims to make life easier for disabled [the age]

You get hooked into this wheel chair through what I assume would be an electrode cap. (There are 80 electrodes). However, the technology isn’t advanced enough to pick up you thinking: “left, forward, right, stop” because this is all the same part of your brain! Instead you think of different activities or actions in order for the different parts of your brain to light up.

To go forward, you simply need to think of a dice moving forward. If you want to go left, you compose a letter. If you want to go right, you think of solving a maths problem, and if you want to stop, you close your eyes.

Closing eyes has the potential for awkwardness though: how do you know that it is safe to cross if you are stopped at a busy road if your eyes are closed? Or does the eye close act like a switch, not a brake?

This reminds me of Scott Adam’s recent-ish blog posts about activating all parts of your brain through prose. Prose Explanation (read the prose paragraph first).

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blogtober: fail!

I could cheat and backdate this, but I missed getting a blog post out on Tuesday by a few minutes. :/

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blueswirls wordpress theme

The theme this website is based on is called greymonger and it is released under the GPL- this means that anyone can play with it and modify the code. It also means that the code of the modification must also be released under the GPL licence.

The CSS, XHTML and design is released under GPL:


So here you go, the theme I use. It’s simply an archive of the theme folder, with the images slightly modified.
blueswirls.tar.gz This is just the theme folder, not the full website.

(update: 28 July 2009) Perhaps the best way to license this theme is under the Creative Commons “share alike” license.

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big scary due things

So, it’s week 8. Around this point you can count on one hand how many weeks are left till the end of semester (5) and the assignments are starting to loom on the horizon. I thought I’d write them down here so I can get my head around them all.

On top of this add Girls Brigade, family life + home renovations, and a social life… I’m going to be very busy!

So, Spanish-English-Algorithms-TechDocs-Algorithms-Spanish-English-TechDocs-Algorithms-Spanish-English-TechDocs-English-Spanish-TechDocs-English-Spanish-Algorithms looks like the general “work on this next” pattern.

I had a transport filled day today. I got a lift with my Dad (in my car) to the Railway Station, caught the train, then the bus to uni. Caught the bus to a different train station after uni, caught the train into Zone 1, got off, bought a ticket for Zone 1 (I have a month-long zone 2 ticket), caught the next train, attempted to catch a city loop train at Richmond Station. After the doors closed I realised I should have stayed on that train. Changed platforms and caught the next Flinders Street train. Changed at Flinders Street and caught the train to Melbourne Central. Met up with my family, rode in their car to dinner and home again. Wow!

If you’ve read down this far, my host is changing server set-up, so this is advance notice that I will soon be locking down this site in preparation for the transition. I’ll post again to inform everyone.

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